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Lupopsyroides Hanke and Wilson 2004 (jawed fish)


PaleoDB taxon number: 226261

Full reference: G. F. Hanke and M. V. H. Wilson. 2004. New teleostome fishes and acanthodian systematics. Recent Advances in the Origins and Early Radiation of Vertebrates 189-216

Parent taxon: Gnathostomata according to G. F. Hanke and M. V. H. Wilson 2004

Sister taxa: Chondrichthiomorphi, Chondrichthyes, Obtusacanthus, Osteichthyes, Placodermiomorphi, Plectrodus, Qilinyu, Teleostomi, Thelodonti

Subtaxa: Lupopsyroides macracanthus

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Type: Lupopsyroides macracanthus