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†subfamily Carinatermitinae Krishna and Grimaldi 2000 (termite)

Insecta - Blattodea

PaleoDB taxon number: 227191

Full reference: K. Krishna and D. Grimaldi. 2000. A new subfamily, genus, and species of termite (Isoptera) from New Jersey Cretaceous amber. Studies on Fossils in Amber, with Particular Reference to the Cretaceous of New Jersey 133-140

Parent taxon: Euisoptera according to K. Krishna et al. 2013

Sister taxa: Aiuruocatermes, Aragonitermes, Archotermopsidae, Ardatermes, Baissatermes, Caatingatermitinae, Cantabritermes, Cretarhinotermes, Cretatermitinae, Dharmatermes, Eutermes, Eutermes debilis, Francotermes, Ginormotermes, Hodotermitidae, Icoisoptera, Jitermes, Krishnatermes, Lebanotermes, Lutetiatermitinae, Mariconitermes, Meiatermes, Melqartitermes, Morazatermes, Mylacrotermes, Paleotermopsis, Santonitermes, Stolotermitidae, Syagriotermes, Tanytermes, Termes rutoti, Termopsidae, Ulmeriella, Yanjingtermes, Yongdingia

Subtaxa: Carinatermes

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