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Aclypea Reitter 1884 (carrion beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Silphidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 229938

Synonyms: Blitophaga Reitter 1885 (no. 286138), Silpha (Blitophaga) Reitter 1885 (no. 286586)

Parent taxon: Silphidae according to F. G. Bidashko et al. 1995

Sister taxa: Eusilpha, Heterosilpha, Nicrophorinae, Phosphuga, Silphinae, Xylodrepa

Subtaxa: Aclypea altaica, Aclypea bituberosa, Aclypea calva, Aclypea jacutica, Aclypea opaca, Aclypea sericea, Silpha (Blitophaga) reitteri, Silpha (Blitophaga) vetusta

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