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Megathentomum scudderi Handlirsch 1906 (winged insect)

Insecta - Pterygota

PaleoDB taxon number: 230614

Full reference: A. Handlirsch. 1906. Die Fossilen Insekten und die Phylogenie der Rezenten Formen, parts I-IV. Ein Handbuch fur Palaontologen und Zoologen 1-640

Belongs to Megathentomum according to A. Handlirsch 1906

Sister taxa: Megathentomum formosum, Megathentomum pustulatum

Type specimen: USNM, a wing (wing fragment). Its type locality is Mazon Creek, USNM Lacoe Collection, which is in a Westphalian D interdistributary bay mudstone in the Carbondale Formation of Illinois.


Average measurements (in mm): wing 70.0 x 45.0