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Elrathia longiceps Resser 1938 (trilobite)

Trilobita - Alokistocaridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 234946

Full reference: C. E. Resser. 1938. Middle Cambrian fossils from Pend Oreille Lake, Idaho. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 97(3):1-12

Belongs to Elrathia according to C. E. Resser 1938

Sister taxa: Elrathia grazierensis, Elrathia idahoensis, Elrathia kingi, Elrathia rara, Elrathia sampsoni, Elrathia spencei

Type specimen: USNM 95036. Its type locality is Locality 37m, shale beds (Pend Oreille Lake), which is in a Cambrian carbonate shale/limestone in the Rennie Shale Formation of Idaho.

Ecology: fast-moving epifaunal deposit feeder