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Chelycarapookus arcuatus Warren 1969 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudinata

PaleoDB taxon number: 235571

Full reference: J. W. Warren. 1969. A fossil chelonian of probable Lower Cretaceous age from Victoria, Australia. Memoirs of The National Museum of Victoria 29:23-28

Belongs to Testudinata according to W. G. Joyce 2017

Sister taxa: Amblypus, Amphichelydia, Ancyropus, Aplax oberndorferi, Australochelyidae, Australochelys, Chelichnus, Chelonipedidae, Chelycarapookus, Chelytherium, Chelytherium obscurum, Chengyuchelyidae, Chengyuchelys, Chinlechelys, Emys neumayri, Emys paranensis, Heckerochelyidae, Helcura, Kallokibotion, Mesochelydia, Mongolochelyidae, Odontochelyidae, Odontochelys, Palaeochersis, Platemys sehuensis, Platycheloides, Probaena sculpta, Proganochelys, Proterochersidae, Proterochersis, Protochelys, Protochelys blakii, Siamochelys, Testudines, Testudinites, Testudo elata, Testudo stricklandi, Testudoolithidae, Trachydermochelys, Trachydermochelys phlyctaenus, Tretosternon punctatum, Trionyx mammillaris

Type specimen: NMV P13160, a partial shell (cast of the shell). Its type locality is Carapook, near Casterton, which is in a Cretaceous fluvial sandstone in Australia.