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Lagidium ahuacaense Ledesma et al. 2009 (mountain viscacha)

Mammalia - Glires - Chinchillidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 238408

Full reference: K. J. Ledesma, F. A. Werner, A. E. Spotorno and L. H. Albuja. 2009. A new species of Mountain Viscacha (Chinchillidae: Lagidium Meyen) from the Ecuadorean Andes. Zootaxa 2126:41-57

Belongs to Lagidium according to K. J. Ledesma et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Lagidium peruanum, Lagidium viscacia, Lagidium wolffsohni

Type specimen: MEPN 10237

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): skull 75.8 x 45.1

Estimated body mass: 1.67 kg based on skull length