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Foxemys trabanti Rabi et al. 2012 (sideneck turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines - Bothremydidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 239248

Full reference: M. Rabi, H. Tong, and G. Botfalvai. 2012. A new species of the side-necked turtle Foxemys (Pelomedusoides: Bothremydidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Hungary and the historical biogeography of the Bothremydini. Geological Magazine 149(4):662-674

Belongs to Foxemys according to M. Rabi et al. 2012

Sister taxon: Foxemys mechinorum

Type specimen: MTM V2010.86.1, a partial skull. Its type locality is Iharkút mine, Bakony mountains, which is in a Santonian fine channel fill claystone/sandstone in the Csehbánya Formation of Hungary.

Ecology: amphibious omnivore