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Codonofusiella laxa Douglass 1970 (foram)

Fusulinina - Fusulinoidea - Schubertellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 239967

Full reference: R. C. Douglass. 1970. Morphologic Studies of Fusulinids From the Lower Permian of West Pakistan. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 643-G:G1-G11

Belongs to Codonofusiella according to R. C. Douglass 1970

Sister taxa: Codonofusiella ashioensis, Codonofusiella dzhulfensis, Codonofusiella erki, Codonofusiella golubinensis, Codonofusiella kwangsiana, Codonofusiella lipovensis, Codonofusiella lui, Codonofusiella nabeyamensis, Codonofusiella nachodkaensis, Codonofusiella nana, Codonofusiella paradoxica, Codonofusiella parva, Codonofusiella pseudolui, Codonofusiella schubertelloides, Codonofusiella sphaerica

Type specimen: USNM 688178, a test. Its type locality is USGS f23788, Salt Range, which is in a Wordian carbonate sandstone in the Amb Formation of Pakistan.

Ecology: stationary semi-infaunal omnivore