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Angatubichthys De Figueriredo and Carvalho 2004 (ray-finned fish)


PaleoDB taxon number: 242204

Full reference: F. J. De Figueriredo and B. C. M. Carvalho. 2004. A new actinopterygian fish from the Late Permian of the Paraná Basin, Southern Brazil. Arquivos do Museu National, Rio de Janeiro 62(4):531-542

Parent taxon: Actinopteri according to F. J. De Figueriredo and B. C. M. Carvalho 2004

Sister taxa: Chondrostei, Docopteri, Frederichthys, Lysopteri, Melanecta, Merospondyli, Mesichthyes, Moythomasia, Neopterygii, Phthinobranchii, Plectospondyli, Woodichthys

Subtaxa: Angatubichthys mendesi

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Type: Angatubichthys mendesi