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Canoptum pessagnoi Wenchen and Ning 2000 (radiolarian)

Radiolaria - Nassellaria - Parvicingulidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 242403

Full reference: X. Wenchen and Z. Ning. 2000. Middle Triassic Radiolaria from turbudites in Ziyun, Guizhou South China. Micropaleontology 46(1):73-87

Belongs to Canoptum according to X. Wenchen and Z. Ning 2000

Sister taxa: Canoptum anulatum, Canoptum artum, Canoptum columbiaense, Canoptum dixoni, Canoptum inornatus, Canoptum jinluense, Canoptum laxum, Canoptum levis, Canoptum macoyense, Canoptum margaritaense, Canoptum merum, Canoptum paradoxum, Canoptum poissoni, Canoptum praeanulatum, Canoptum rhaeticum, Canoptum spinosum, Canoptum triassicum, Canoptum unicum, Canoptum zetangense, Neowrangellium pessagnoi, Paracanoptum primitivum

Type specimen: Its type locality is (ZT2 52)?, Radiolarian-bearing muddy cherts, Ziyun, Guizhou, which is in a Triassic basinal (siliceous) chert in the Xinyuan Formation of China

Ecology: passively mobile planktonic omnivore