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†superfamily Kinosternoidae Holroyd and Hutchison 2002 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines

PaleoDB taxon number: 243547

Full reference: P. A. Holroyd and J. H. Hutchison. 2002. Patterns of geographic variation in latest Cretaceous vertebrates: evidence from the turtle component. Geological Society of America Special Paper 361:177-190

Parent taxon: Cryptodira according to P. A. Holroyd and J. H. Hutchison 2002

Sister taxa: Adocusia, Bashuchelyidae, Carettochelyoidea, Charitonyx tajanikolaevae, Chelonemydidae, Chelydroidea, Chersidae, Chitracephalus, Cryptoderinea, Dermatochelydidae, Dermochelyoidea, Durocryptodira, Eucryptodira, Galvechelone, Glyptopidae, Glyptopsidae, Indochelyidae, Kallokibotioninae, Kayentachelyidae, Kinosternia, Meiolanidae, Panchelonioidea, Pantestudinoidea, Pantrionychia, Platysternoidea, Polysternum, Selmacryptodira, Trionychia, Trionychoidea

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: aquatic omnivore