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Libellula decapitata De Selys-Longchamps 1850 (dragonfly)

Insecta - Odonata

PaleoDB taxon number: 244495

Full reference: E. De Selys-Longchamps. 1850. Revue des odonates ou libellules d'Europe. Mémoires de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège 6:1-408

Belongs to Odonata according to A. Handlirsch 1906

Sister taxa: Anisozygoptera, Epiproctophora, Hageniella, Hageniella problematica, Idionychidae, Kobdoneura, Libellulina, Mesomantidiidae, Mesonetopsis, Orthaeschnites, Oryctothemis, Palaeophlebia, Peraphlebia, Proaeschna, Pseudoeuphaea, Pseudoeuphaea areolata, Pseudoeuphaea falsificata, Pseudoeuphaea filosa, Pseudoeuphaea obscura, Sogdothemis, Syrrhoe, Triassophlebia, Trichocnemis, Zygoptera

Type specimen: Its type locality is Lower Lias (Brodie coll), which is in a Rhaetian/Hettangian marine shale/limestone in the United Kingdom

Ecology: fast-moving volant carnivore-insectivore