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Subfamily Ailuropinae Flannery et al. 1987 (possum)

Mammalia - Diprotodontia - Phalangeridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 247723

Full reference: T. Flannery, M. Archer, and G. Maynes. 1987. The phylogenetic relationship of living phalangerids ( Phalangeridae: Marsupialia with a suggested new taxonomy. Possums and Opossums: Studies in Evolution 2:476-504

Parent taxon: Phalangeridae according to T. Flannery et al. 1987

Sister taxa: Cercaertus, Palaeopetaurus, Phalanger, Phalangerinae, Trichosurus, Wyulda, Balantia, Phascolaretus

Subtaxa: Ailurops

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Ecology: scansorial herbivore-insectivore