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Trichosurus hamiltonensis Flannery et al. 1987 (brushtail possum)

Mammalia - Diprotodontia - Phalangeridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 247801

Full reference: T. F. Flannery, W. D. Turnbull, T. H. V. Rich and E. L. Lundelius. 1987. The phalangerids (Marsupialia: Phalangeridae) of the Early Pliocene Hamilton local fauna, sowthwestern Victoria. Possims and Opossums: Studies in Evolution 2:537-546

Belongs to Trichosurus according to T. F. Flannery et al. 1987

Sister taxa: Trichosurus dicksoni, Trichosurus vulpecula

Type specimen: NMV P54138, a maxilla (right maxillary fragment including P3, M2 and M3). Its type locality is Hamilton, which is in a Zanclean terrestrial horizon in the Grange Burn Formation of Australia.

Ecology: arboreal herbivore-insectivore