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Proterocara Malabarba et al. 2006 (cichlid)

Osteichthyes - Acanthomorphata - Cichlidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 248404

Full reference: M. C. Malabarba, O. Zuleta, and C. D. Papa. 2006. Proterocara argentina, a New Fossil Cichlid from the Lumbrera Formation, Eocene of Argentina. Journal of Paleontology 26(2):267-275

Parent taxon: Cichlidae according to M. C. Malabarba et al. 2006

Sister taxa: Gymnogeophagus, Palaeochromis, Priscacara, Pseudocrenilabrinae, Tilapiini, Tylochromis

Subtaxa: Proterocara argentina

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Type: Proterocara argentina

Ecology: nektonic omnivore