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Cylichnella triticumtritonis Maury 1917 (snail)

Gastropoda - Cephalaspidea - Cylichnidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 248801

Alternative combination: Acteocina (Cylichnella) triticumtritonis

Full reference: C. J. Maury. 1917. Santo Domingo type sections and fossils. Bulletins of American Paleontology 5(30):1-43

Belongs to Cylichnella according to A. J. W. Hendy et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Cylichnella atacata, Cylichnella bidentata, Cylichnella biplicata, Cylichnella bitruncata, Cylichnella duqmensis, Cylichnella ovumlacerti, Cylichnella stibara

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell length 3.00