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Callianassa latidigita Rathbun 1919 (decapod)

Crustacea - Decapoda - Callianassidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 249595

Full reference: M. J. Rathbun. 1919. West Indian Tertiary Decapod Crustaceans. Contributions to the Geology and Paleontology of the West Indies 159-184

Belongs to Callianassa according to M. J. Rathbun 1919

Sister taxa: Callianassa abbreviata, Callianassa affinis, Callianassa alabamensis, Callianassa alaica, Callianassa almerai, Callianassa alpha, Callianassa americana, Callianassa anguillensis, Callianassa armata, Callianassa articulata, Callianassa atlantica, Callianassa atrox, Callianassa awakina, Callianassa bakeri, Callianassa bandonensis, Callianassa batei, Callianassa beberibae, Callianassa berryi, Callianassa beta, Callianassa birmanica, Callianassa bonjouri, Callianassa bosqueana, Callianassa brazoensis, Callianassa brevimanus, Callianassa brocchii, Callianassa burckhardti, Callianassa calaritana, Callianassa canavarii, Callianassa chalmasii, Callianassa chanabadica, Callianassa cheyennensis, Callianassa clallamensis, Callianassa clarki, Callianassa congolae, Callianassa conradi, Callianassa cowlitzensis, Callianassa crassa, Callianassa crassa, Callianassa craterifera, Callianassa creagrachir, Callianassa cretacea, Callianassa danai, Callianassa delta, Callianassa depressiva, Callianassa desmarestiana, Callianassa edwardsi, Callianassa elegans, Callianassa elongata, Callianassa epsilon, Callianassa erecta, Callianassa espichelsnsis, Callianassa eta, Callianassa ferox, Callianassa floriana, Callianassa floridana, Callianassa fortis, Callianassa frangens, Callianassa fresnoensis, Callianassa gamma, Callianassa gigantea, Callianassa glabra, Callianassa hayanoi, Callianassa heberti, Callianassa hilli, Callianassa hulli, Callianassa incerta, Callianassa infracretacea, Callianassa inglisestris, Callianassa inornata, Callianassa isikariensis, Callianassa jahringensis, Callianassa jamaicensis, Callianassa kerepesiensis, Callianassa kewana, Callianassa knapptonensis, Callianassa kraussei, Callianassa kraussi, Callianassa lacunosa, Callianassa latidigitata, Callianassa ledae, Callianassa longa, Callianassa longimana, Callianassa lusitanica, Callianassa macrodactylus, Callianassa magna, Callianassa masanorii, Callianassa massarandubae, Callianassa matsoni, Callianassa maxima, Callianassa megachir, Callianassa menziesi, Callianassa meridionalis, Callianassa michelotti, Callianassa minor, Callianassa moinensis, Callianassa mokkatamensis, Callianassa mortoni, Callianassa mottai, Callianassa munieri, Callianassa neocomiensis, Callianassa nilotica, Callianassa nishikawai, Callianassa norica, Callianassa nuda, Callianassa oktibbehana, Callianassa oregonensis, Callianassa orientalis, Callianassa oroszyi, Callianassa orthodactylus, Callianassa ovalis, Callianassa panamensis, Callianassa parinasensis, Callianassa parisiensis, Callianassa pedemontana, Callianassa pellucida, Callianassa peruviana, Callianassa pilsbryi, Callianassa porterensis, Callianassa primaeva, Callianassa prisca, Callianassa pseudofraasi, Callianassa pseudonilotica, Callianassa pseudorakosiensis, Callianassa pugnax, Callianassa pustulata, Callianassa quadracuta, Callianassa quadrata, Callianassa rakosiensis, Callianassa rapax, Callianassa rovasendae, Callianassa roztoczensis, Callianassa sakakuraorum, Callianassa seefriedi, Callianassa shikamai, Callianassa simplex, Callianassa sismondai, Callianassa songoensis, Callianassa spinosa, Callianassa spinosa, Callianassa spinulosa, Callianassa stephensi, Callianassa stimpsoni, Callianassa stridens, Callianassa subplana, Callianassa subspinosa, Callianassa subterranea, Callianassa subterraneus, Callianassa suffolkensis, Callianassa symmetrica, Callianassa szobensis, Callianassa taiwanica, Callianassa tanakai, Callianassa tayamai, Callianassa tenuis, Callianassa tepetatensis, Callianassa theta, Callianassa transversoplicata, Callianassa trechmanni, Callianassa turkestanica, Callianassa twinensis, Callianassa ulrichi, Callianassa umpquaensis, Callianassa uncifera, Callianassa urgoneensis, Callianassa valida, Callianassa velox, Callianassa vidali, Callianassa vorax, Callianassa waikurana, Callianassa wechesensis, Callianassa whiteavesi, Callianassa yagii, Callianassa yatsuoensis, Callianassa zeta

Type specimen: Its type locality is Yaqui Valley at Cercado de Mao, which is in a Miocene marine horizon in the Dominican Republic

Ecology: carnivore