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Telmatrechus defunctus Handlirsch 1910 (water strider)

Insecta - Hemiptera - Gerridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 256611

Alternative combination: Gerris defuncta

Full reference: A. Handlirsch. 1910. Canadian fossil Insects. 5. Insects from the Tertiary lake deposits of the southern interior of British Columbia, collected by Mr. Lawrence M. Lambe. Contributions to Canadian Palaeontology 2(3):93-129

Belongs to Telmatrechus according to J. Damgaard 2008

Sister taxa: Telmatrechus parallelus, Telmatrechus stali

Type specimen: Its type locality is Quilchena, which is in a Ypresian lacustrine - large mudstone in the Coldwater Beds Formation of Canada


Average measurements (in mm): body length 15.0