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Pseudomyrmex extinctus Carpenter 1930 (ant)

Insecta - Hymenoptera - Formicidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 257153

Alternative combination: Pseudomyrma extincta

Full reference: F. M. Carpenter. 1930. The Fossil Ants of North America. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University 70:1-66

Belongs to Pseudomyrmex according to B. Bolton 2012

Sister taxa: Pseudomyrmex antiquus, Pseudomyrmex avitus, Pseudomyrmex baros, Pseudomyrmex coruscus, Pseudomyrmex macrops, Pseudomyrmex nexilis, Pseudomyrmex oryctus, Pseudomyrmex prioris, Pseudomyrmex saxulum, Pseudomyrmex simplex, Pseudomyrmex succinus, Pseudomyrmex thecolor, Pseudomyrmex vicinus

Type specimen: MCZ 2899, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Florissant (MCZ Collection), which is in a Chadronian lacustrine - large shale in the Florissant Formation of Colorado.


Average measurements (in mm): body 9.00 x 1.80, forewing length 5.00