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Hsiufua Zhang and Wang 2013 (dragonfly)

Insecta - Odonata - Campterophlebiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 258630

Full reference: H. C. Zhang and B. Wang. 2013. Taxonomy: The largest known odonate in China: Hsiufua chaoi Zhang et Wang, gen. et sp. nov. from the Middle Jurassic of Inner Mongolia. Chinese Science Bulletin 1-6

Parent taxon: Campterophlebiidae according to H. C. Zhang et al. 2013

Sister taxa: Adelophlebia, Amnifleckia, Angaroneura, Angustiphlebia, Archithemis liassina, Bathmophlebia, Bellabrunetia, Campterophlebia, Ctenogampsophlebia, Dorsettia, Gallodorsettia, Gampsophlebia, Honghea, Hypsophlebia, Hypsothemis, Junfengi, Karatawia, Lateophlebia, Melanohypsa, Olonkia, Oreophlebia, Oshinia, Parabrunetia, Parafleckium, Parazygokaratawia, Petrophlebia, Pritykinia, Pternopteron, Qibinlina, Sagulia, Sarytashia, Sibirioneura, Sinitsia, Sinokaratawia, Sogdophlebia, Xanthohypsa, Zygokaratawia, Hypsomelana

Subtaxa: Hsiufua chaoi

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Type: Hsiufua chaoi

Ecology: fast-moving volant carnivore-insectivore