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Atimoblatta flexuosa Cockerell 1918 (cockroach)

Insecta - Blattodea - Archimylacridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 260312

Full reference: T. D. A. Cockerell. 1918. New species of North American fossil beetles, cockroaches, and tsetse flies. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 54:301-311

Belongs to Archimylacridae according to A. Handlirsch 1922

Sister taxa: Acosmoblatta, Anthracomastax furcifer, Anusoblatta, Apophthegma, Archaeomantis, Archaeomantis fleischmanni, Archaeotiphe, Archimylacridae bildstocki, Archimylacridae incerta, Archimylacridae ingberti, Archimylacridae insignis, Archimylacridae labachensis, Archimylacridae mirabilis, Archimylacridae notabilis, Archimylacridae paupercula, Archimylacridae pelzi, Archimylacridae robusta, Archimylacridae rollei, Archimylacridae scudderi, Archimylacridae tischbeini, Archimylacridae venosa, Archimylacridae winteriana, Archimylacrinae, Archimylacris, Archimylacris aliena, Archimylacris carbonis, Archimylacris pruvosti, Archimylacris recta, Asemoblatta, Barroisiblatta, Bertrandiblatta, Blattina (Etoblattina) bituminosa, Blattina ligniperda, Blattina neuropteroides, Blattina remigii, Blattina scaberata, Blattina sepulta, Blattoidea indeterminata, Blattoidea luedeckei, Blattoidea propinqua, Blattoidea pulchra, Blattoidea rugosa, Boltonoblatta, Ctenostematopteryx diversa, Discoblatta, Distatoblatta, Dromoblattina, Dysmenes, Eneriblatta, Etoblattina, Etoblattina coriacea, Etoblattina exilis, Flabellites, Friciella, Gerablattina eversa, Gerablattina inculta, Gondwanoblatta, Gongyloblatta, Grypoblattina, Gyroblatta, Haberleoblatta, Heinitzia, Hermatoblattina, Kashmiroblatta, Kinklidoptera, Limmatoblatta, Liparoblatta, Livetiblatta, Mesitoblatta, Mesitoblattella, Metachorus, Metaphyloblatta, Metapoblatta, Miroblatta, Muelleroblatta, Mylacris latissima, Mylacris packardii, Oxynoblatta, Patrodoron, Petrablattina aequa, Phyloblatta eximia, Phyloblatta lapidea, Phyloblatta perplexa, Phyloblatta ramosa, Phyloblatta wettiniana, Plagioblatta, Platyblatta, Procoptoblatta, Progonoblattina, Pruvostianus, Sardyoblattina, Scudderula, Sellardsula, Sooblattella, Sphaleroblattina, Stephanoblatta, Sterzelia, Stygetoblatta, Syncoptoblatta, Trilophomylacris, Uraloblatta

Type specimen: USNM 64348, a tegmen. Its type locality is Humphreys clay pit, Port Barnett, which is in a Moscovian terrestrial siliciclastic in the Pottsville Formation of Pennsylvania.


Average measurements (in mm): tegmen 28.0 x 12.5