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Nordestinatermes obesus Martins-Neto et al. 2006 (termite)

Insecta - Blattodea

PaleoDB taxon number: 261058

Alternative combination: Nordestinatermes obesa

Full reference: R. G. Martins-Neto, C. Ribeiro-Júnior, and F. Prezoto. 2006. New fossils (Isoptera: Hodotermitidae), from the Santana Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Araripe Basin, northeast Brazil), with descriptions of new taxa including a new subfamily. Sociobiology 47:125-134

Belongs to Isoptera according to D. A. Grimaldi et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Araripetermes nativus, Caatingatermes, Caatingatermes megacephalus, Cratomastotermitidae, Euisoptera, Isopteridae, Mastotermitidae, Mastotermitoidea, Termitotron

Type specimen: RGMN-T149, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Crato, Pedra Branca Quarry (Martins-Neto collection), which is in an Aptian lacustrine - large lime mudstone in the Crato Formation of Brazil.


Average measurements (in mm): body length 6.35, forewing length 10.6