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Leptoconops (Leptoconops) boreus Kalugina 1991 (biting midge)

Insecta - Diptera - Ceratopogonidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 262836

Alternative combination: Leptoconops boreus

Full reference: N. S. Kalugina. 1991. New Mesozoic Simuliidae and Leptoconopidae and the origin of bloodsucking in the lower dipteran insects. Paleontological Journal 25(1):66-77

Belongs to Leptoconops (Leptoconops) according to R. Szadziewski 2018

Sister taxa: Leptoconops (Leptoconops) burmiticus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) clava, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) copiosus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) curvachelus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) daugeroni, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) ellenbergeri, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) gravesi, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) myanmaricus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) nosopheris, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) primaevus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) rossi, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) rovnensis, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) sibiricus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) subrossicus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) succineus, Leptoconops (Leptoconops) zherikhini

Type specimen: PIN 3426/119, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is Taimyr Amber, Nizhnyaya Agapa River (PIN collection 3426), which is in a Cenomanian fluvial amber in the Dolgan Formation of the Russian Federation.