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Purpurina gravinaensis Smith 1927 (periwinkle)

Gastropoda - Littorinoidea - Purpurinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 267279

Full reference: J. P. Smith. 1927. Upper Triassic marine invertebrate faunas of North America. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 141:1-262

Belongs to Purpurina according to J. P. Smith 1927

Sister taxa: Purpurina (Globipurpurina), Purpurina (Pseudalaria), Purpurina (Purpurina), Purpurina concava, Purpurina elaborata, Purpurina pleurotomaria, Purpurina scalaris, Purpurina sowerbyi, Purpurina subpleurotomaria, Purpurina vaceki

Type specimen: Its type locality is USGS 9536, Fivemile Cove, Gravina Island , which is in a Lacian carbonate limestone in the Nehenta Formation of Alaska

Ecology: epifaunal grazer