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Eobranisamys Frailey and Campbell, Jr 2004 (caviomorph)

Osteichthyes - Glires

PaleoDB taxon number: 267457

Full reference: C. D. Frailey and K. E. Campbell, Jr. 2004. Paleogene Rodents from Amazonian Peru: The Santa Rosa Local Fauna. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Science Series 40:71-130

Parent taxon: Cavioidea according to M. Boivin et al. 2017

Sister taxa: Agoutidae, Andemys, Asteromys, Caviidae, Chubutomys, Cuniculidae, Dasyproctidae, Eocardiidae, Guiomys, Hydrochoeridae, Microcardiodon

Subtaxa: Eobranisamys javierpradoi, Eobranisamys riverai, Eobranisamys romeropittmanae

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Type: Eobranisamys romeropittmanae

Ecology: scansorial insectivore