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Pseudopantanellium Yeh 1987 (radiolarian)

Radiolaria - Polycystina - Pantanelliidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 270

Original description: Test spherical to ellipsoidal with two triradiate polar spines. Meshwork of test comprised of numerous concentric subspherical rings of pentagonal and hexagonal pore frames anchoring to pillar-like structure at pore frame vertices. Size of pore frames decreasing gradually toward center of spherical test.

Original remarks: Pseudopantanellium n. gen., has super&64257;cial

resemblance to Pantanellium Pessagno (1977b). However, Pseudopantanellium can be distinguished from

Pantanellium by having a series of concentric layers of

pentagonal or hexagonal pore frames rather than consisting only of a cortical shell and a medullary shell.

Etymology: From the Latin pseudo false, and Pantanellium.

Full reference: K. Y. Yeh. 1987. Taxonomic Studies of Lower Jurassic Radiolaria from East-Central Oregon. National Museum of Natural Science Special Publications 2:1-169

Parent taxon: Pantanelliinae according to P. De Wever et al. 2001

Sister taxa: Betraccium, Cantalum, Cecrops, Gorgansium, Pachyoncus, Pantanellium, Trillus, Zartus

Subtaxa: Pseudopantanellium floridum

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Ecology: passively mobile planktonic omnivore