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Anemonaria Cooper and Grant 1969 (lamp shell)

Strophomenata - Productida - Productellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 27093

Synonym: Azygidium (taxon 27136)

Full reference: G. A. Cooper and R. E. Grant. 1969. New Permian brachiopods from west Texas. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 1:1-20

Parent taxon: Paucispiniferini according to A. Williams et al. 2000

Sister taxa: Caricula, Caucasoproductus, Elliottella, Hexiproductus, Hystriculina, Jiguliconcha, Jinomarginifera, Lamnimargus, Lampangella, Liosotella, Oncosarina, Paucispinifera, Retimarginifera, Shanxiproductus, Strigospina, Transennatia

Subtaxa: Anemonaria auriculata, Anemonaria bicarinata, Anemonaria delicatula, Anemonaria mitis, Anemonaria pinegensis, Anemonaria pseudohorrida, Anemonaria spitzbergiana, Anemonaria sublaevis, Anemonaria sulankherensis, Anemonaria vadosisinuata

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Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder