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Yuccites Martius 1822

PaleoDB taxon number: 280781

Proposed for rejection against later taxonomic synonym in current use, Lepidophloios K. Sternberg (1825), by Doweld (in Taxon 62: 839. 2013).

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Parent taxon: Gymnospermae according to J.-C. Gall 1971

Sister taxa: Condylites, Cordaitopsida, Masculostrobus, Palaeocyparis, Pinopsida, Podocarpopsida, Satyrites incertus, Taxopsida, Voltziopsida, Voltziostrobus, Aethophyllum, Entylissa, Araucariales, Uesuguipollenites, Carpodium, Sertostrobus

Subtaxa: Yuccites vogesiacus

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