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Oncylogonatum Koenig 1827

PaleoDB taxon number: 280786

Proposed for rejection against its taxonomic synonym in current use, Equisetites K. Sternberg (1833), by Doweld (in Taxon 62: 837. 2013).

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Parent taxon: Equisetales according to H. N. Andrews 1970

Sister taxa: Angaroradix, Annularia, Annulariopsis, Annularites, Annulina, Borisiella, Calamitaceae, Corynophyllites, Equisetaceae, Equisetophyton, Lelstotheca, Lobatannularia, Manchurostachys, Neokoretrophyllites, Notocalamites, Phyllostachya, Protannularia, Protocalamostachys, Pseudoannularia, Pseudoasterophyllites, Pseudolobatannularia, Raniganjia, Schizoneura, Schizoneuropsis

Subtaxa: Oncylogonatum carbonarium

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Type: Oncylogonatum carbonarium