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Equisetum columnare Brongniart 1828

Equisetopsida - Equisetales - Equisetaceae

PaleoDB taxon number: 280788

Proposed to be conserved with this holotype against its senior (nomenclatural) taxonomic synonym, Oncylogonatum carbonarium Koenig (1827), by Doweld (in Taxon 62: 837. 2013).

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Belongs to Equisetum according to A. T. Brongniart 1828

Sister taxa: Equisetum cascadensis, Equisetum columnaroides, Equisetum lyellii, Equisetum magnum, Equisetum mokhotlongensis, Equisetum montanensis

Type specimen: Great Britain, Yorkshire; High Whitby, Jurassic (Lower Bajocian) (Mus. Natl. díHist. Nat. Paris: MNHN.F.81)., a stem.