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Parablattogryllus Storozhenko 1988 (winged insect)

Insecta - Pterygota

PaleoDB taxon number: 281459

Full reference: S. Y. Storozhenko. 1988. New and little-known Mesozoic grylloblattids (Insecta). Paleontological Journal 22(4):45-52

Parent taxon: Polyneoptera according to S. Y. Storozhenko and D. S. Aristov 2014

Sister taxa: Archaeorthoptera, Blattopteroidea, Dermaptera, Dermapterida, Dictyoptera, Embioptera, Gallophasmatidae, Holopandictyoptera, Mantoblattidae, Mystroptera, Notoptera, Orthopterida, Orthopteroidea, Paoliida, Phasmatodea, Plecopterida, Polyorthoptera, Polyplecoptera, Protorthoptera, Spectra, Zoraptera

Subtaxa: Parablattogryllus obscurus

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Type: Parablattogryllus obscurus