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Mesophonus maculatus Brauer et al. 1889 (cockroach)

Insecta - Blattodea

PaleoDB taxon number: 286782

Alternative combinations: Ophismoblatta maculata, Periplaneta maculata

Full reference: F. Brauer, J. Redtenbacher, and L. Ganglbauer. 1889. Fossile Insekten aus der Juraformation Ost-Sibiriens. Mémoires de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St.-Pétersbourg, VII Série 36(15):1-22

Belongs to Blattodea according to J. A. Dunlop et al. 2013

Sister taxa: Archimylacridae, Blattoidea agilis, Blattoidea confusa, Blattoidea dictyoneura, Blattoidea excellens, Blattoidea propria, Blattoidea separata, Blattoidea singularis, Blattoidea venusta, Diechoblattinidae, Mesoblattinidae, Mylacridae, Parallelophoridae, Poroblattinidae, Spiloblattinidae, Subioblattidae, Sinogrammitidae, Sinogramma, Hsuopterites, Sinoblatta, Gerablattina richmondiana, Mancusoblattidae, Blattoidea melanderi, Gerablattina perita, Argentinoblattidae, Blattoidea sellardsiana, Blattoidea minuta, Delpuenteblattidae, Blattoidea perbrevis, Blattelidae, Blattoidea bella, Pseudomylacridae, Megalocerca, Etoblattina exigua, Blattoidea, Blattoidea lobata, Proteremidae, Blattoidea acuminata, Blattoidea relicta, Blattoidea minima, Blattoidea delicula, Neomylacridae, Spiloblattidae, Ptiloteuthis, Stantonia

Type specimen: Its type locality is Ust-Baley Locality (Czekanowski collection), which is in a Toarcian lacustrine - small horizon in the Cheremkhovskaya Formation of the Russian Federation


Average measurements (in mm): nymph body length 20.0