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Palaeogrosphus jacquesi Lourenšo and Henderickx 2012 (scorpion)

Arachnida - Buthoidea - Buthidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 287010

Full reference: W. R. Lourenšo and H. Henderickx. 2012. Another new sub-fossil species of scorpion of the genus Palaeogrosphus Lourenšo, 2000 from Malagasy copal (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius - Occasional Publications in Scorpiology 137:1-4

Belongs to Palaeogrosphus according to W. R. Lourenšo and H. Henderickx 2012

Sister taxon: Palaeogrosphus copalensis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Madagascar copal, Sambava area (Beigel collection), which is in a Holocene terrestrial amber in Madagascar