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Palaeocharinus calmani Hirst 1923 (arthropod)

Arachnida - Trigonotarbida - Palaeocharinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 291955

Full reference: S. Hirst. 1923. On some arachnid remains from the Old Red Sandstone (Rhynie Chert Bed, Aberdeenshire). Annual Magazine of Natural History 9:455-474

Belongs to Palaeocharinus according to A. I. Petrunkevitch 1953

Sister taxa: Palaeocharinus hornei, Palaeocharinus kidstoni, Palaeocharinus rhyniensis, Palaeocharinus scourfieldi, Palaeocharinus tuberculatus

Type specimen: Its type locality is Rhynie cherts (BMNH coll.), which is in a Pragian pond chert in the Dryden Flags Formation of the United Kingdom