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Asioculicus Hong 1976 (fly)

Insecta - Eukaryota

PaleoDB taxon number: 294724

"Archaeoculicus" Hong, 1976 mentioned in Hong, 1980 is an error for Asioculicus, as both have word-for-word identical descriptions.

Alternative spelling: Archaeoculicus

Full reference: Y. C. Hong. 1976. Insecta. Paleontological Atlas of the North China Region: Inner Mongolia Volume 2:81-87

Parent taxon: Diptera according to G. O. Poinar et al. 2000

Sister taxa: Anisoneura, Archidiptera, Archimesotipula, Brachyopteryx, Cecidomium, Coriaceae, Culicomorpha, Diarchineura, Dryomyzidae, Empidia, Eoheleinae, Eopodonomus, Eudiptera, Gigantoberis, Homoeoptychopteris, Inflata, Limnorhyphus, Mesasimulium, Mycetophiloidea, Myopidae, Nematocera, Neodiptera, Neoneura, Oligoneura, Phoromorpha, Polyclona, Polyneura, Psychodomorpha, Siphunculata, Thaumaleidae

Subtaxa: Asioculicus longipodus, Asioculicus sinicus

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Ecology: epifaunal grazer