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Kootenia aculacauda Fritz 1968 (trilobite)

Trilobita - Corynexochida - Dorypygidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 294735

Full reference: W. H. Fritz. 1968. Lower and early Middle Cambrian trilobites from the Pioche Shale, East-Central Nevada, U.S.A. Palaeontology 11:36-43

Belongs to Kootenia according to W. H. Fritz 1968

Sister taxa: Kootenia bolis, Kootenia boucheri, Kootenia crassa, Kootenia crassinucha, Kootenia dawsoni, Kootenia diutina, Kootenia fida, Kootenia fuyangensis, Kootenia germana, Kootenia gracilens, Kootenia gracilis, Kootenia henglinheensis, Kootenia idahoensis, Kootenia jialaoensis, Kootenia longa, Kootenia mathewsi, Kootenia sanwanensis, Kootenia shangwanensis, Kootenia shanxiensis, Kootenia spencei, Kootenia styrax, Kootenia yichunensis, Kootenia yui

Type specimen: USNM 153616, a pygidium. Its type locality is Pioche Shale, Bed 72, which is in a Delamaran carbonate limestone/shale in the Pioche Shale Formation of Nevada.

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore