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Hynerpeton bassetti Daeschler et al. 1994 (lobe-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Sarcopterygii

PaleoDB taxon number: 295095

Full reference: E. B. Daeschler, N. H. Shubin, K.S. Thomson and W.W. Amaral. 1994. A Devonian Tetrapod from North America. Science 265(5172):639-642

Belongs to Hynerpeton according to E. B. Daeschler et al. 1994

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: ANSP 20053,, a set of postcrania (pectoral girdle). Its type locality is Red Hill Locality, which is in a Famennian channel sandstone in the Catskill Formation of Pennsylvania.

Ecology: amphibious