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Carcharodon tembloris Jordan 1926 (white shark)

Chondrichthyes - Lamniformes - Lamnidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 298733

Full reference: D. S. Jordan. 1926. New sharks from the Temblor Group in Kern County, California collected by Charles Morrice. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 15(8):257-261

Belongs to Carcharodon according to D. S. Jordan 1926

Sister taxa: Carcharodon (Procarcharodon), Carcharodon arnoldi, Carcharodon auriculatus, Carcharodon branneri, Carcharodon carcharias, Carcharodon contortidens, Carcharodon debrayi, Carcharodon disauris, Carcharodon escheri, Carcharodon heterodon, Carcharodon hubbelli, Carcharodon humilis, Carcharodon lanceolatus, Carcharodon lanciformis, Carcharodon leptodon, Carcharodon leviathan, Carcharodon megalotis, Carcharodon morricei, Carcharodon nodai, Carcharodon orientalis, Carcharodon purplei, Carcharodon rectidens, Carcharodon semiserratus, Carcharodon subserratus, Carcharodon sulcidens, Carcharodon toliapicus, Carcharodon turgidus

Type specimen: CAS 1843, a tooth. Its type locality is Sharktooth Hill, which is in a Langhian shoreface siltstone in the Temblor Formation of California.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore