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Holcothyris subovalis Buckman 1917 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Terebratulida - Postepithyrididae

PaleoDB taxon number: 300264

Synonym: Holcothyris flexa Buckman 1917 (taxon 300280)

Full reference: S. S. Buckman. 1917. The Brachiopoda of the Namyau Beds, Northern Shan States, Burma. Palaeontologia Indica 3(2):1-254

Belongs to Holcothyris according to Z. Y. Yang and X. Y. Shi 1987

Sister taxa: Holcothyris acuminata, Holcothyris ancile, Holcothyris angulata, Holcothyris angusta, Holcothyris breviseptata, Holcothyris campbelli, Holcothyris concava, Holcothyris cooperi, Holcothyris curvata, Holcothyris delta, Holcothyris depressa, Holcothyris dubia, Holcothyris elliptica, Holcothyris excavata, Holcothyris golmudensis, Holcothyris kaiwaraensis, Holcothyris laosensis, Holcothyris luchiangensis, Holcothyris macra, Holcothyris micromorpha, Holcothyris orbicularis, Holcothyris ovata, Holcothyris ovoides, Holcothyris perplicata, Holcothyris plecta, Holcothyris raoi, Holcothyris rostrata, Holcothyris rotundata, Holcothyris subangulata, Holcothyris subcurvata, Holcothyris tanggulaica, Holcothyris tenuis, Holcothyris trigonalis, Holcothyris trigonaris, Holcothyris triseptata

Type specimens:

  • Holcothyris subovalis: GSI Nos. K41/519-526. Its type locality is Se-In, which is in a Bathonian carbonate limestone in the Namyau Beds Formation of Myanmar.
  • Holcothyris flexa: GSI Type No. 11785. Its type locality is Hpalai (=Hpalaing), which is in a Bathonian carbonate limestone in the Namyau Beds Formation of Myanmar.

Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 24.3 x 22.2, valve 20.0 x 23.1