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Elaphrus finitimus Casey 1920 (ground beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Carabidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 305207

Full reference: T. L. Casey. 1920. A revisional study of the American Platyninae. Memoirs on the Coleoptera IX 1-132

Belongs to Elaphrus according to S. E. Miller 1983

Sister taxa: Elaphrus (Neoelaphrus), Elaphrus americanus, Elaphrus angusticollis, Elaphrus californicus, Elaphrus cupreus, Elaphrus irregularis, Elaphrus japonicus, Elaphrus lapponicus, Elaphrus lecontei, Elaphrus pliocenicus, Elaphrus purpurans, Elaphrus riparius, Elaphrus ruscarius, Elaphrus sibiricus, Elaphrus tuberculatus


Average measurements (in mm): elytron 4.64 x 1.90