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Burmirhynchia lenglawngensis Buckman 1917 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Rhynchonellida - Tetrarhynchiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 306477

Full reference: S. S. Buckman. 1917. The Brachiopoda of the Namyau Beds, Northern Shan States, Burma. Palaeontologia Indica 3(2):1-254

Belongs to Burmirhynchia according to S. S. Buckman 1917

Sister taxa: Burmirhynchia (Burmirhynchia), Burmirhynchia (Hopkinsirhynchia), Burmirhynchia altilis, Burmirhynchia angustata, Burmirhynchia asiatica, Burmirhynchia athiensis, Burmirhynchia bawgyoensis, Burmirhynchia bicostata, Burmirhynchia cavagnarii, Burmirhynchia costata, Burmirhynchia cuneata, Burmirhynchia cuneata, Burmirhynchia decorticata, Burmirhynchia depressa, Burmirhynchia dromio, Burmirhynchia elegans, Burmirhynchia elliptica, Burmirhynchia flabilis, Burmirhynchia fluminalis, Burmirhynchia hpalaiensis, Burmirhynchia hsenwiensis, Burmirhynchia hsipawensis, Burmirhynchia icaunensis, Burmirhynchia inaequalis, Burmirhynchia irregularis, Burmirhynchia jirbaensis, Burmirhynchia lobata, Burmirhynchia longa, Burmirhynchia luchiangensis, Burmirhynchia magna, Burmirhynchia moulani, Burmirhynchia multiplicata, Burmirhynchia nahsaiensis, Burmirhynchia nammaensis, Burmirhynchia namyauensis, Burmirhynchia nierongensis, Burmirhynchia nyainrongensis, Burmirhynchia obesa, Burmirhynchia orientalis, Burmirhynchia ovalis, Burmirhynchia pangwolengensis, Burmirhynchia parva, Burmirhynchia pilgrimi, Burmirhynchia pinguis, Burmirhynchia proteiformis, Burmirhynchia quadricristata, Burmirhynchia quinquiplicata, Burmirhynchia rostrata, Burmirhynchia rotunda, Burmirhynchia semiglobosa, Burmirhynchia shanensis, Burmirhynchia subcostata, Burmirhynchia subnasuta, Burmirhynchia subovalis, Burmirhynchia subtrigonalis, Burmirhynchia termierae, Burmirhynchia thierachensis, Burmirhynchia touchei, Burmirhynchia transversalis, Burmirhynchia trilobata, Burmirhynchia turgida, Burmirhynchia versabilis, Burmirhynchia weiri

Type specimen: Its type locality is Lenglawng (=Lenalawng), which is in a Bathonian carbonate limestone in the Namyau Beds Formation of Myanmar

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 15.7 x 18.8