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Trichomyia axeli Stebner and Solórzano Kraemer 2014 (moth fly)

Insecta - Diptera - Psychodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 309344

Full reference: F. Stebner and M. M. Solórzano Kraemer. 2014. Systematic and palaeoecology of Psychodidae (Insecta: Diptera) from Miocene Mexican amber. Palaeontographica Abteilung A 303:1-21

Belongs to Trichomyia according to F. Stebner and M. M. Solórzano Kraemer 2014

Sister taxa: Phalaenomyia, Trichomyia antiquaria, Trichomyia brevicornis, Trichomyia buceras, Trichomyia concinna, Trichomyia crassicornis, Trichomyia declivivena, Trichomyia decora, Trichomyia discalis, Trichomyia distincta, Trichomyia duckhousei, Trichomyia formosula, Trichomyia glomerosa, Trichomyia lengleti, Trichomyia longicornis, Trichomyia mecocerca, Trichomyia nova, Trichomyia procera, Trichomyia pulchra, Trichomyia richardi, Trichomyia smithi, Trichomyia tenera, Trichomyia urbica

Type specimen: UCMP 10389, an exoskeleton. Its type locality is UCMP B-8416, Copainala, which is in a Miocene terrestrial amber in Mexico.


Average measurements (in mm): wing 1.10 x 0.40