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Pteronisculus nielseni Xu et al. 2014 (ray-finned fish)


PaleoDB taxon number: 309671

Full reference: G. H. Xu, C. C. Shen, and L. J. Zhao. 2014. Pteronisculus nielseni sp. nov., a new stem-actinopteran fish from the Middle Triassic of Luoping, Yunnan Province, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 52:364-380

Belongs to Pteronisculus according to G. H. Xu et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Pteronisculus arambourgi, Pteronisculus broughi, Pteronisculus cicatrosus, Pteronisculus macropterus

Type specimen: IVPP V 20000, a skeleton. Its type locality is Luoping biota (IVPP collection), which is in a Pelsonian carbonate lime mudstone in the Guanling Formation of China.