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Achistrum Etheridge 1881 (sea cucumber)

Holothuroidea - Apodida - Achistridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 31287

Full reference: R. Etheridge. 1881. On the presence of scattered skeletal remains of Holothuroidea in the Carboniferous limestone series of Scotland. Proceeding of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh 6:183-198

Parent taxon: Achistridae according to J. Bohaty and H.-G. Herbig 2010

Sister taxon: Aboculus

Subtaxa: Achistrum (Achistrum), Achistrum (Aduncrum), Achistrum (Cancellrum), Achistrum (Spinrum), Achistrum beckmanni, Achistrum brevis, Achistrum brevis, Achistrum coloculum, Achistrum frizzelli, Achistrum gamma, Achistrum issleri, Achistrum longirostrum, Achistrum ludwigi, Achistrum monochordata, Achistrum multiperforatum, Achistrum nicholsoni, Achistrum permianum, Achistrum pulchrum, Achistrum triassicum, Achistrum tuto, Achistrum varicum

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Type: Achistrum nicholsoni

Ecology: epifaunal detritivore