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Voluta breviplicata Forbes 1846 (volute)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Volutidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 314271

Full reference: E. Forbes. 1846. Report on the fossil invertebrata from southern India, collected by Mr. Kaye and Mr. Cunliffe. Transactions of the Geological Society of London, Series 2 7:97-174

Belongs to Voluta according to E. Forbes 1846

Sister taxa: Voluta alfaroi, Voluta bicorona, Voluta bulbula, Voluta calligona, Voluta camdeo, Voluta cantaurana, Voluta cincta, Voluta citharina, Voluta crenulata, Voluta cubaguaensis, Voluta depressa, Voluta eomagna, Voluta heptagonalis, Voluta junghuhni, Voluta limbata, Voluta lyra, Voluta macroptera, Voluta mitreola, Voluta muricata, Voluta musica, Voluta paytanica, Voluta purpuriformis, Voluta pyriformis, Voluta radula, Voluta rupestris, Voluta septemcostata, Voluta sulcata, Voluta trichinopolitensis, Voluta uncifera, Voluta vautrini, Voluta vredenburgi

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore