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Paulacoutophis Rage 2008 (snake)

Reptilia - Squamata

PaleoDB taxon number: 315270

Full reference: J.-C. Rage. 2008. Fossil snakes from the Palaeocene of São José de Itaboraí, Brazil. Part III. Ungaliophiinae, booids incertae sedis, and Caenophidia. Summary, update and discussion of the snake fauna from the locality. Palaeovertebrata 36(1-4):37-73

Parent taxon: Alethinophidia according to J.-C. Rage 2008

Sister taxa: Acrochordoidea, Aniliidae, Anilioidea, Cerberophis, Colubroidea, Coniophis, Cylindrophiidae, Henophidia, Itaboraiophis, Macrostomata, Nigerophiidae, Palaeophiidae, Simoliopheoidea, Tuscahomaophis

Subtaxa: Paulacoutophis perplexus

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Type: Paulacoutophis perplexus