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Dunhuangia Wang et al. 2015 (bird)

Reptilia - Enantiornithes

PaleoDB taxon number: 316250

Full reference: M. Wang, D. Li, J. K. O'Connor, Z. Zhou, and H. You. 2015. Second species of enantiornithine bird from the Lower Cretaceous Changma Basin, northwestern China with implications for the taxonomic diversity of the Changma avifauna. Cretaceous Research 55:56-65

Parent taxon: Enantiornithes according to M. Wang et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Aberratiodontuidae, Alexornithiformes, Bohaiornithidae, Boluochiformes, Cathayornis, Cathayornis aberransis, Cathayornis chabuensis, Cathayornithiformes, Cerebavis, Concornis, Elsornis, Enantiornithiformes, Eoalulavis, Eocathayornis, Eoenantiornis, Eoenantiornithiformes, Euenantiornithes, Euornithiformes, Evgenavis, Feitianius, Flexomornis, Fortunguavis, Gobipipus, Gobipteryx, Gurilynia, Holbotia, Huoshanornis, Iberomesornis, Lectavis, Linyiornis, Longipterygidae, Longipterygiformes, Longirostravisiformes, Neuquenornis, Noguerornis, Otogornis, Paraprotopteryx, Parvavis, Pengornithidae, Protopterygiformes, Protopteryx, Qiliania, Sinornis, Vescornis, Xiangornis, Yuanjiawaornis, Yungavolucris

Subtaxa: Dunhuangia cuii

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Type: Dunhuangia cuii

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore