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Serenichthys Gess and Coates 2015 (lobe-finned fish)


PaleoDB taxon number: 329093

Full reference: R. W. Gess and M. I. Coates. 2015. Fossil juvenile coelacanths from the Devonian of South Africa shed light on the order of character acquisition in actinistians. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 175(2):360-383

Parent taxon: Actinistia according to R. W. Gess and M. I. Coates 2015

Sister taxa: Coelacanthiformes, Youngichthys, Laugiidae, Diplocercidiformes, Scleracanthus, Synaptotylus, Rebellatricidae, Euporosteus, Hainbergia, Tarrasiidae, Chagrinia, Diplocercides

Subtaxa: Serenichthys kowiensis

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Type: Serenichthys kowiensis