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Jarmiloptera Prokop et al. 2015 (winged insect)

Insecta - Caloneurodea

PaleoDB taxon number: 331254

Full reference: J. Prokop, J. Szwedo, J. Lapeyrie, R. Garrouste, and A. Nel. 2015. New Middle Permian insects from Salagou Formation of the Lodève Basin in southern France (Insecta: Pterygota). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 51:14-51

Parent taxon: Caloneurodea according to J. Prokop et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Aviogramma, Caloneuridae, Gigagramma, Hapalopteridae, Homaloptila, Lusitaneura, Nanogramma, Pleisiogramma kemerovoense, Pruvostiella, Stenaroceridae

Subtaxa: Jarmiloptera mouralensis

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Type: Jarmiloptera mouralensis